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It's time for another installment of Team Track & Transload Tuesday!  Share photos of your railcars being loaded and unloaded here! 

Team tracks have long been a vital part of railroad operations. These sidings can be found everywhere from rural locations to big cities. Any load that travels by rail can find its way to a team track. 

No matter what might find its way to your Team Track, take some pictures and share them here.  As always real world railroad photos are welcome too! 

Team Track, back in the day: 4/11/17



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Thanks Abrail for getting us started today!  It nice that you always feature a blast from TTT past each Tuesday and seeing Rich's post from 2017 is great!

Here is a scene I created early this morning.  

6:00 am this morning:  A load of residential electrical parts for the Tri County Electric Supply Co. is in being pulled from West Yard in Patsburg.  This car will be integrated into the local way freight.  The car's  destination .... Team Track One in Lower Patsburg.  Thats Barney the brakeman in the photo.  IMG_3633

8:30 this morning:  The unloading team has swung into action as a truck has just backed up to the loading area. IMG_3658

Here's Mack, Mike, Moe and Mick working to get the job done.  IMG_3660

The quartet of workers want to get this job done before the temperatures rises today.  Last time they checked the weather .... 92 degrees by noon!  IMG_3661

Have a great Tuesday everyone!   Be well and be safe! 


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Team Track Tueday seems to be more oriented to pictures of scenes rather than general discussion about a topic...thus it is likely that this series will be moved to the photo albums category.  If that happens, please start your new threads there in the future....thanks!

You are right! Not sure how I managed to put this in the wrong category. Please move it to the photo album category - thanks.

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