I set up a temporary 4x8 standard gauge layout for the my train open house. I would like to use my Hellgate Bridge, but am concerned there is sufficient distance from the curve to prevent the engine from hitting the bridge. I will be using a 380 with 200 series cars. Any thoughts?

Any suggestion on how to secure the track without nailing it to the platform? Original rail connectors seem to be difficult to use. Read that someone zip tied the track together. Train will be running for 2 hours, so I am trying to make sure it is secure.

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The problem with not securing the track to the platform is that it can move, even if the sections are zip-tied together.  I would invest in a small package of black #6 panhead screws.  That will keep the track on the platform, and the trains on the track!  (And Rob is right, you need at least a 7" straight on either side of the Hellgate, and more is better.  The MTH 305 Hellgate is slightly wider than the 300 and less likely to be a problem.)



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