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Does anyone recognize the manufacture of this truck? I have tried to search the number in the casting with no luck. It is a very nice quality truck but unfortunately it is wrong for my application. I would like to use this manufacturer but need to find out who it is  Thank you  D518D776-D3A8-45AD-BC23-4115686BA1CA3F407776-BB0A-4E5D-B4C6-D47C375383D7EABB20F7-B25E-4810-9DD2-FBEB3DB1D3DB06FFC89D-918B-4DE0-8128-8DF409E050B3


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  • D518D776-D3A8-45AD-BC23-4115686BA1CA
  • 3F407776-BB0A-4E5D-B4C6-D47C375383D7
  • EABB20F7-B25E-4810-9DD2-FBEB3DB1D3DB
  • 06FFC89D-918B-4DE0-8128-8DF409E050B3
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