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One of the TCA Divisions is offering a Texas Special caboose-one which would match nicely the F3s ( and others like the PAs) done by Lionel, MTH, Williams, etc. I presume that the combined MKT -Frisco Line Texas Special was always a passenger train-so this caboose is more of a fantasy piece.  But just to be certain, I am asking you Texas Special fans/ expertrs out there to ensure that such a caboose was ever/never done in real life.  It is really a nice looking car.  Thanks in advance, turtle7

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To my knowledge, there never was a full-sized Texas Special caboose in real life. The Katy (Missouri-Kansas-Texas) and the Frisco (St. Louis and San Francisco), the railroads that ran the Texas Special, used their regular freight caboose schemes on their cabooses.  But that can't stop you from having a Texas Special caboose on your railroad.

That's probably why it's selling so well.  Many prototypical cabooses are boring.  This one is snazzy (thanks Mitch):


To each their own.....

I find the constant supply of fantasy pieces mind numbing and totally boring.

This prototype model by Atlas of a Katy caboose also sold out. (I took these photos of my caboose)




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