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I have had 3 issues in 2 days and you guys have solved both.

Here is my 3rd.

I purchased a Used Texas Special E-7, 6-31755 from Grybowskis Train. It arrived today. But they are closed.

It works fine in coventional.

But when I tried to assign an engine number in my Cab1 nothing happens.

So I tried the rest below.

Reprogramming an Engine Number with a Cab#1 controller.  (From this site in 2013 and the Manuel)

(1.) Move Run/Prog  switch to Prog.

(2.) Engine on track, power track.  

(3.) Eng , ##, Set,  where ## is the engine number. Set is under the small window/door at the bottom of the Cab 1 handheld. A whistle/ horn should blow or (headlight flash).

(4.) Wait 10 seconds, power off.

(5.) Move Run/Prog  back to Run.

(6.) Engine on the track, power on, Engine should respond to the new number.   

And, I get nothing.

Any suggestions?

I can't remember but do the Odyssey setting matter. Odyssey sound is on and Odyssey is off.

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    When you hit the set button did the horn sound? Also what number are you assigning to the engine? The cab #s are 101 and 101A? You can use the same number on both the powered and unpowered units. I would assign Engine #10 as 1 is the number Lionel uses for all engines from the factory.

    Since the engines are 13 years old and were used there maybe a bad board that needs replacement. Any of the names I gave you on the other thread can help you with a replacement board. I would get in touch with Gyrbowski’s first before contacting a repair person. I am sure they have a good repair guy. Also could be a loose board that needs to be reseated, if your comfortable you can try to do this yourself.


Did you do the whole sequence?  You didn't mention steps 6 through 8.  This is from the
Lionel 6-31755 Texas Special Set (LEGACY E7 Diesel PWR A #101, DMY A #101A) User's Manual.

Did the headlight flash as you pressed set?

This worked. Thanks!

Though I did it several times.

It didn't have a manual, so went straight to the forum before going to lionel.

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