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Just a quick post to thank LIONEL SERVICE for another annual 50% off parts sale.  This is my third year to participate and it's a great help to me and my buddies who placed a consolidated order at 12:02 AM.  My order also included parts to repair and service my club's Track Cleaning Car and restore it to service.

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This was my first time ordering as I needed some replacement trucks for a pair of the PWC Canadian Pacific aluminum passenger cars (combo & dome) that I bought from a nice Forum member awhile back. Evidently, these and some others suffered form the 'zinc pest' issue and the trucks had literally fallen apart before the boxes were opened! The originals were long out of stock but the trucks from the newer 21" cars were a workable replacement. The new ones did not have the couplers attached and would require swapping out the die cast sideframes.

I ordered 4 sets from the newer series but upon opening the box, I received an exact replica of the original trucks. Very pleased and THANK YOU Lionel.


These will run with the PWC Scale 2373/74 ABBA F3s and 6 or 7 K-Line 18" cars. Should make for a beautiful train.


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@GeoPeg, feel awful for you and the others that LIONEL wouldn't honor your orders privately without initiating another "open" sale--just do it quietly for the few, like you.

In my own situation, the $400+ order still showed "processing" as of this AM; called LIONEL and got right in and was told it was being worked on (by the single employee assigned to the parts sale orders).

Checked this evening and the order shows "shipped" and the order detail shows ALL parts were shipped.

THANK YOU, LIONEL.  (Now help out @GeoPeg and the others by quietly accepting their orders and give them 50% off.

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