THANK YOU to Forum Sponsor Mr. Muffin's Trains--Atlanta, Indiana. GREAT SHOP! GREAT PEOPLE!

Today, Saturday August 12th, my fellow Glacier Line Crew Member Gregg Burks and I made the trip to Atlanta, Indiana to Mr. Muffin's Train Shop which is located at 165 E Main St, Atlanta, IN 46031.  What a beautiful day for a drive!

We here in central Indiana are fortunate to have this wonderful place!  Steve and Liz are outstanding ambassadors for this hobby allowing the general public to come and run their layout EVERY Saturday from 10 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.    And if that isn't good enough, Liz makes muffins that are far too good to stay away from.  I am always saying and encouraging everyone to get others involved in this hobby by giving them an active participation in their layouts.  The Nelson's do this every week.  You can help this hobby by getting others involved on your layout.  Soon they will want their own stuff and layout.

Steve and Liz's son Jeff assisted the Glacier Line Crew today by upgrading ALL of our DCS components to version 6.0.  The cost?  FREE.  Let me see, hmmm, free muffins, free upgrade, free to operate the layout, great deal so far huh?  

The Glacier Line Crew HIGHLY recommends that you either go to their store...their layout is large, is very impressive and you can operate it, and if you can't make it, SHOP their on-line store!  The Glacier Line Crew has made multiple purchases.  Great products.  Don't forget these folks own Korber Models as well.  I was admiring a sanding station today as well.

Steve, Liz and Jeff are highly reputable, exceptionally honest and intelligent people who have hearts of gold.  Please support this brick and mortar store.  We need a store like this to grow the hobby and they need our assistance in supporting the store and their efforts to share the hobby with others. 



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I have had several great deals with Steve online.  I always get a good price, fast shipping, and excellent packaging.  I have always been very happy!  I would like to visit the Muffin's new facility in Atlanta Indiana someday in the future.  

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