I've seen on TV and heard on the local radio recently people giving thanks to truck drivers for the service they're providing during this time.  I thank them too but also want to include the men and women railroaders who are also moving the freight for us during this crisis.  Without them and trucks we wouldn't be receiving the crucial items we need at this time.  The other day I saw what looked like a mile-long stack train easing into the intermodal yard near me, and I silently thanked those out there doing the job.  So to all the engineers, conductors, etc. out on the road bringing us the goods..... 

                                                                                                                         THANK YOU!!!! 

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Thank you Rob.  I was going to do this same thing, but was pleased to see someone else beat me to it.  Like you I haven't seen one shout out to a Railroad for the part it plays in keeping america fed, clothed, and moving forward.  So for my part, to all of the Railroads Class 1 or otherwise, thank you for all you do.

I would like to add that we model railroaders are helped directly every day by many, many train crews. If all those crews weren't out there running real trains moving coal&oil we wouldn't be running our miniature railroads in our safe places. Until Renewables take over completely and we are using the power of the Sun directly electric power production is gonna' need help from long-stored Sunshine (coal, oil and gas).

Now that the Hoosac Tunnel is reopened there are strings of Propane tank cars going up our valley every day headed for Boston to heat people's homes and cook their food.

The list is quite long. But everyone here already knows this stuff. 

Thank you all Railroaders!! I appreciate your service. May you and your families be blessed abundantly with good health and peace.

Appreciate the kind words folks 

I would also like to thank all the truck drivers, utility workers ,fast food workers and all the retailers like convenience stores who always seem to be out there when I'm going back and forth to work all hours of the night and day.

I've been fortunate to be able to work out of a terminal that has jobs with regular hours and call windows during this pandemic that we've been enduring.

Some fellow workers who have not had this luxury deal with closed restaurants and convenience stores when going to work or when their out at away from home terminals . Really takes an already unconventional job and makes it that more difficult .

So thank-you fellow Americans for sticking together and getting thru this !

Thanks to RobN for starting this topic...AN EMPHATIC THANK YOU to all the truckers, warehouse n grocery store workers, too.  To all train crews, I thank you for enduring thru this crisis  in your "all weather job". Plenty of other folks also deserve thank yous...

Yes!Lets not forget about the railroad workers.Working long hours in all types of weather.They just like the rail roads are still important to this country.When I was in jr high we had a very bad drought.Farmers from the mid west sent hay to farmers here.This is just a small part from a newspaper.Long story short.Being my grand father was a farmer to.

The train, which stretched over two and a half miles, was donated by the CSX Corporation. A hay company from Plymouth, Ind., provided a toll-free number that farmers and volunteers could call for information. Local restaurants, the Salvation Army and the Indianapolis Fire Buffs provided food, soft drinks and water. Another company provided Bobcat loaders and many others lent their freight trucks and drivers to transport the hay. This morning one of the last trucks to arrive was one that is usually used by the Berne Furniture Company to deliver sofas, dining room furniture and the like. It was stuffed with hay.So hats off to the railroad crews.

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