Thank you Trainworld for the excellent cross country delivery of my new engine!

I received my new Lionel Legacy UP SW7 today from Trainworld. 

I was very impressed when I saw the size of the box handed to me by the UPS driver! The outer box was much larger than the Lionel shipper. There was loads of bubble wrap under, over and on the side of the Lionel shipper enclosed. Needless to say the engine arrived in perfect condition. In addition the engine worked perfectly when fired up!

Thanks Trainworld for a job well done!

BTW, running the little engine with the Blue Tooth app is very cool! My grandkids will be sleeping over this weekend and I know they will have fun with this!



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Happy Railroading!


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I have received 5 new locos from Trainworld and they were all packed the same way - shipper inside of a larger box with lots of bubble wrap - no damage; on one, the shipper was packed inside of an outer and that one inside of another outer, all with bubble wrap; those guys don't mess around!


And now it starts.

Same for me. I received a Trainworld shipment yesterday of my LionChief Plus A5.

The Trainworld outer box was so large that I wondered for a moment if Lionel had enlarged the size of its locomotive box. When I opened the outer box, I saw the best packing job ever — a full ring of air pillows surrounding the much smaller Lionel shipping box.

It was kind of nice to get a shipment from my old hometown of Brooklyn. It was even nicer for it to arrive unscathed.

Jim R. 

Fantastic news, other dealers should read this nice compliment. The normal shipping box Lionel and other manufacturers make do not protect the delicate parts on our new high tech engines in cross country mailings. Also, they should make much better foam containers, but that’s another topic. The Extra Larger Carton, with bubble Wrap Or styrofoam peanuts hughely helps reduce shipping damages...Thank You Stangtrain for sharing this Great Experience.  After all, we want to have fun with our new trains, that’s the way it should be. Happy Railroading. Beautiful engine.....Wow...

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