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This coming early November will mark 20 years that I've been a Forum member.  I had hesitated at first to join way back then when I saw it being advertised the magazine.  Then I thought about it and took the plunge.  It's been a fun ride all this time and I truly enjoy reading the various topics on a daily basis.  

We musn't forget to mention Jim Barrett who in those early days was on the system constantly answering questions directly to the poster.   I remember well Jim answering a question I asked regarding how to setup a roundhouse and its radial track.  

Over the years we've had many great people who made up this forum answering questions daily who either passed away or for some reason simply dropped away.   They were on here so often throughout the day, I was starting to suspect that they were being paid to do this as no way they could have been holding a real job as well!  LOL.   

The Forum has been a great place to seek refuge from the world around us to simply enjoy one another's company while learning something new, solving a problem or watching a great video.  I've learned a lot during this time and I only wish to express my appreciation to the entire staff of the OGR forum for all of their hard work during these past 20 years.

Job well done!

@RickO posted:

Good points Marty!

Imo,  this is still the forum with the easiest format to read and navigate, and most of all, its pop up free.

When you realize it's most of the same folks, posting the same topics, on other forums . You might as well hang out here.

I agree with you about that "Alex guy". One of the nicest, as well as most helpful, people in the hobby.

If he goes,I!


I've seen the same thing across the forums I visit.  A lot of the topics that are posted here are also posted in other forums.  Not that it's a bad thing.  Some folks are not members here but most of them read OGR and often post things of interest on the other forums.  Great to see sharing of information but hands down the OGR forum has the most vast collection of information collected over 20 years.  

I belong to a few forums and they each offer something unique but OGR by far offers the most in volume and technical help.  

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My Hats off to you Marty and others who’s been here for over 20 Years. The 26 of this month I’ve been here just 5 years and it’s been great best forum I’ve ever been on with great people. That should tell you something about a forum that can keep so many members for over 20 years and some of them have been post every week since day one I bet. I also want to thank OGR for having me and running a tight ship with a no nonsense attitude thanks.  

@Mark Boyce posted:

 However the format here and the wealth of information makes OGR my go-to place.

I feel the same way Mark, except that I don't even try to frequent any other 3-rail oriented forum. Everything I would ever need to learn/etc is found right here. I also feel like I "know" a lot of you here.

Been here nigh-on 20 years (20 years this November)... and I ain't goin' nowhere! (Ain't y'all lucky??)

I mean, I'm not of sayin' that "if it ain't OGR... it ain't poop!"... but yeah... I sort'a am.



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Me too. This is my one and only Forum of any kind, except for occasionally visiting and posting on Facebook. However, I share nothing about model railroading or trains on Facebook.

Not that there is anything wrong with participating in another model train Forum. It's just that this Forum fills all my needs to share on-line with others about our hobby.  Arnold

I can’t think of any thing that hasn’t already been said, except for my personal experience that I have mentioned many times here. 

Joining this Forum has expanded my fun in this great hobby exponentially. I’ve met many friends here, a lot who have become like family. From this Forum I had joined the Northern Central High Railers, where we visit each other’s homes and layouts monthly and eat, drink, run trains and tell lies all night long. And it wasn’t just us guys either, our spouses and kids also joined in and we have a blast!  Unfortunately, Lynley and I moved across country but we miss everyone and stay in touch when we can. 

Also, the great Thursday night gatherings at York, breaking bread with the OGR Universe and magazine leadership, attending the New Jersey High Railers events and all the great friendships we’ve developed. 

All you guys have become a fun part of life and can’t wait to share my layout progress with you all, either here or in person!!

And for all that I say Thank You. To all the Forum members and OGR Magazine. 

Marty: A little late but you hit the nail square on the head with your comments and feelings about this forum. During the four year span that my trains were packed due to a move a basement finishing all I had was this forum. I have been here 10 years but learned so much and meet great folks and even hurt when we lost some of those folks and outside of this forum we never met. Thank you so very much for starting this thread. I forget who mentioned “Weekend Photo Fun Feast” and Scott. Several years back while visiting our daughter in Roanoke VA was in a friends store The Rail Yard and met Scott and his son Josh great kid and both great people. 

Alan and Rich and everyone else associated with O Gauge Magazine a Hats Off to all of you for a great magazine and forum. Like Mark I am a little old school and like paper but also have a digital subscription and never used it. May even be up for renewal right now and will renew. 

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No group hug from!

Just a fist bump and telling tall tales over beer, wine, scotch....whatever. Some salty sailor adjectives allowed!

Elbow bump is all we are allowed here😉 

We would all be in big trouble without the OGR Forum as a place to exchange problems, solutions, ideas, and much more. Was able to drop a member a note who was surprised. 

Unseen times in life and the hobby!

I just found this thread and I have to say that your kind words about OGR are so very much appreciated!  First, thanks Marty for starting this kind of you to do so."  

"I hope that everyone will remain healthy and safe so that we all can enjoy the hobby and magazine for many more years to come...."

Oh no, the guy behind the curtain knows we're onto him! As he says, subscribe if you can so we continue to have this available to us.

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With Thanksgiving upon us I thought this would be a good time to bump this thread and again say thanks to the OGR staff, forum sponsors, and most importantly my fellow members.  This tough year has been a wee bit smoother with a place to come to to read, see, and talk trains.

Stay safe everyone and have a...

Happy Thanksgiving!



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Yes, indeed. Agree with all of the sentiments posted above. The OGR Forum is truly a one-stop shop. I look at it as a place to expand knowledge, benefit from the fantastic how-to and other technical advice on fixing trains, and also learn about real railroading from some of the experts here. Add in the For Sale Forum which is a great bonus. And last but not least, simply a fun place to escape to from the daily grind.

So thanks to the OGR Team, the advertisers and of course the hundreds (thousands?) of posters who make this the single best O gauge resource to be found.

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I'm glad you resurrected this thread Marty, I somehow missed it before.  Excellent points made by all, and it's been a wild ride.  I'm somewhat of a "Johnny come lately", having been here about ten years, but they've been very good years.   I'm really missing the personal contacts from "way back then" when there were train shows, but seeing friends old and new here helps fill the void.

Thanks Marty for putting this up!

Its is people like you and many others here that make this a joy to visit and see what is going on and to get HELP! LOL I have been here just over 8 years now and when I came here I knew nothing about model trains just they went round and round. Boy was I wrong! Thanks to this forum and many of the members here I have learned so much, more then I ever knew went into the hobby. The funny thing with all the great people here nobody told me about the large amount of $$$$$ it takes.LOL

I really love this forum and the folks here that run it, all the wonderful advertisers, the post from which I learn from, But most of all the friendships I have built here.

Thanks again Alan and Marty for bring this to the front again!

Thanks for bumping this one, Marty.

There’s no question that 2020 will go down in history as a lousy year. The China Virus, riots in many cities, political games being played on both sides to the detriment of all of us, and the final insult...Jim Barrett’s passing. Yet with all of that, this forum soldiers on, with new and interesting posts every day.

I’ve said this before, and it bears repeating: this forum enjoys the fellowship of a truly great group of people! And make no is YOU FOLKS who make this forum such a great place to be. Alan, I, and a few other moderators have to do a little “housecleaning” once in a while, but that’s a small price to pay for enjoying the company of such a great group of folks.

Many thanks to all of you, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the reminder, Marty. This forum is as much a part of my day as going to the train room is. Most of my train room is the result of knowledge taken from the forum and applied there. I feel like I have a personal relationship with many members and all the staff, even though never having met them. My thanks to them all. The best way to really say thanks to OGR is to put one of those blue banners up next to your name. Let's get to it.

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Everyone above me has said it all, this is the most fun place to be when time allows. There’s so many great folks here, so much knowledge, so much creativity, so much of simply everything related to our train hobby. Thank you Martye for bringing back this fun to read thread and thank you Rich Melvin for all of the hard work and years of service to this hobby, you are truly a leader and ambassador of the hobby, and to everyone at OGR for their time and contributions, you all are Amazing. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, we are truly blessed.

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