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I recently purchased this Sunset model and have some questions. When I google FP7 I find many on the board purchased this model when it first came out. I have three Sunset steam models that I have converted to dead rail and the plan was to do the same with this FP7. The steam locos had the advantage of no existing electronics and a large tender for the parts. The FP7 looks like it would be a very tight fit with the battery and two boards I would need. So, does this FP7 have a DCC board? I know it has a sound board because I can get it to go with a simple transformer.  I have zero experience with DCC or any of it's cousins. I'm getting back into the hobby after a 30 year sabbatical.


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This locomotive has a QSI Titan DCC decoder.  That was standard on all Sunset plastic diesels starting with the E7 of 2011.  Only recently has Sunset moved to LokSound decoders.  I have the manual for this somewhere if you are interested and can scan it.  They are pretty straight forward though.

You are correct that these were a sellout when they were originally released and there has yet to be a second run.  They do not come up for sale very often on the secondary market. 

Enjoy your find!  I have the PRR Tuscan A unit and a pair of DGLE A units.

DCC has a standard signal and control variables for the motor/motion/lights.     It does matter what control system you use for those, they will all work equally well.    All the control systems will also work equally well with the sound controls.     The best bet if you are considering a DCC system is to get one that your modeling buddies use so you can get some help getting started.

Programming the QSI decoders and most other high end sound decoders however is complicated.    It takes a little bit of time to learn how to work with the multitude CVs.     The best way to get at these is to use Decoderpro from JMRI.    This is free software.   It uses windows screens on your computer and describes things in english.   It does require that you have some sort of interface device between your computer and the programming track.    The one I am familiar with is called a SPROG II.    There is also a PR3 from Digitrax and there is a QSI brand programmer.

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