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I finally got the grandsons first train table built using the Lionel Train table as a design, mine is considerably less expensive and the legs are capable of growing along with my grandson.  Still working on the finishing touches and painting, but I had to lay down the 048 loop for a test run.  I'm using Ken's track plan from his layout book here on O gauge.  Got my original Lionel Scout (1950) running on the first loop.  It's been over fifty years since it last ran loops on tubular track on the living room floor.


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quick Question :  what is the size of your table ?

The attached SCARM (file is PDF) layout also details my table top.  The under side is a couple of fancy adjustable saw horses with laminated 1x4's running lengthwise.  Will try and get a couple of photo's later.  I am going to be running two trains and will be adding blocks etc. in the next drawing update


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Continuing saga of the Lionel Train table homemade layout.  I cheaped out and bought two pair of 0-60 remote switches and of course ran into a small electrical problem with on the switches and was wondering if anyone else has seen this.  Center rail did not have conductivity end to end between all three points.  I took the bottom off and checked the wiring as recommended in a post, no luck.  

Turned out to be some melted plastic under on of the tabs/buss plates for the big center rail.  A bit of scraping and solder and all it well, works great now.  Is this a known problem with fastrack?IMG_3903


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