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So I went to my favorite train store near me this past weekend and looked in his pile of books on the floor.  I finally found the book I've been looking for since I was a kid back in 1979/1980.   I used to check this book out often along with a couple of friends when we were in our early teens.  Copyright on the version I found was 1964 and 1978.  

I loved the book and haven't seen it since 1980 or so when I was in jr high school (grades 7-8-9).  

I've been casually looking for it for a long time.  Finally got it this past weekend and was looking forward to perusing it over the weekend.

Oh man, brings back memories of me wishing for stuff that i could never afford back then.   And I love looking at the pictures of the cool brass Japanese stuff that I could never afford was awesome.   And the trackwork and how to hand lay ties an

There was a whole section that fascinated me.   There was one of the earliest attempts at DCC control talked about in the book  GE (yes, that GE) had released a system called ASTRAC which was an early command control system that used wireless receivers to allow up to 5 independent engines run on the same track.   Fascinating how far we have come! 

Just had to share my little story of how cool it was to find this book that I haven't seen in 40 years and get to look through it again!



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I have a copy of that book around here somewhere, but not in my currently overcrowded bookcases. Bought it in Honolulu back in the mid- to late-70s from a "50%-off sale" table at a store in the Ala Moana shopping center. One of the first model railroading books I bought as an adult (just getting back into the hobby), although I still have several model railroading books I purchased as a young teen, or even before becoming a teen, back in the late 50s.

JDFonz posted:

Too funny, me and my best friend must have checked that book out in high school about 30 times each as well. High school grad class of ‘77!

I discovered the book during the mid-60's at my local library when I was in grade school.  It was a good excuse to go to the library to do my *ahem* "homework" rather than do it at home. 

A relative gave me a copy for Christmas some years later.  I still have it but haven't looked at it in decades.

The section that fascinated me most was the early cast iron and pull toy trains.


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