The DCS User Group Meeting is Now an Annual Meeting - OCTOBER ONLY!

Please note that, regardless of what the April York packet states, there will not be a DCS User Group Meeting in April. Going forward, the meeting will only be held during the Fall York meet, in October.

The reason is that April's York User Group meeting attendance has fallen off to the point that it was necessary to cancel last April's meeting due to insufficient attendance, while the October meeting was reasonably well-attended. Since I've not seen any published attendance figures for the past few York meets, it's difficult for me to determine why April's user group meeting attendance has been poor. Regardless, the reality is what it is.

This August, I will post the meeting notice for the October York DCS User's Group Meeting. In the meantime, feel free to use this thread to offer ideas regarding how our user group meetings may be improved. However, please keep the discussion civil!  

Many thanks to all of you who have attended our past User Group Meetings. I hope to see everyone in October!



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Thank you for all your fine work over the years Barry. You have definitely contributed to my enjoyment of toy trains. I look forward to the April meeting without the DCS users group and the October meeting with it.


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