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MR_P posted:

Yup, 2000 Blue Comet set. Was wowed when I first saw it, sounds, steam puffing etc.  Had to have it upgraded as the 5v board went out one day. Asked GGG replaced it with the PS3/2 one, since it was my first MTH engine. Works like a champ

There were worth every penny I paid to get it.I may do an upgrade on it.I mot likely get a sound board for a better sounding whistle.

Ricky Tanner posted:

I still have the first MTH Railking steam locomotives I bought in 1999 when I returned to the hobby. They have held up well and surprisingly,the QSI Protosounds still are working. They all have BCR's installed. My favorite is the 30-1140-1 Santa Fe 2900 Class 4-8-4. It's my favorite MTH offering of all time.

I have a imperial santa fe northern.Its a impressive puller and has a cool whistle.I missed out on the very first railking santa fe northern.The one with just the working headlight smoke.By the time I had learned about them.They were pretty much sold out.

Still have the first MTH purchase from Dec '99: 30-4023-1 PRR 2-8-0 proto-1 w/ freight sounds set.  Run it occasionally, replaced the battery and traction tires.  Second purchase, Fall 2000 York, was the 30-1025 NYC semi-scale hudson w/ digital whistle.  Haven't had that one out in years, ran well w/ a good whistle.  Sometime this month I might have to pull that Railking box out from the shelf and give the Hudson a semi-scale run around the layout.  All are prodigious smokers.

Yes and yes.

It was the Rail King Dreyfuss Hudson (30-1113-1).  I always loved that engine and found one on eBay.  First PS-1 release of it.  Also was the 1st loco with smoke and sound I ever had, and it sold me on those features.  It didn't come with a Protocoupler as it was an addon options at the time it was released.  With Midge's help I was able to add one.  In the time I've had it I've had to repair the tender as the trucks fell off after my son fell on it, also breaking a connecting rod at the time.  It's been run off of the track at full speed by a nephew and not has a flat spot on the nose.  I've swapped the frame and wheels with a ESE locomotive to get the disk wheels I like, and replaced the chip as it went into deselect.  At some point it'll get either a TMCC or DCC upgrade with lots of LED lighting added (Firebox flicker, maintenance lights over the drivers, backup light, cab light, and rear marker lights.).  I love this little engine!

Bob Delbridge posted:

Yep, a RailKing 2-8-0 and a RS3, but both are now battery powered (both were Locosounds).  Old photos when the layout was in the garage and still 3-rail.  The RS3 was the first O-scale engine I ever saw in Seaboard paint and had to have it.  I need to take updated photos cause I think both have been modified a bit on the outside too:

2-8-0 Weathered


I have 4 mountain type steamers.May I ask were did you get the right decals for SAL rr?I know the mountains were numbered in the 264 or 265.

MELGAR posted:

This New York Central USRA 0-8-0 locomotive is the first MTH Railking steam engine model that I purchased - more than 20 years ago. I still run it often and it has always operated without any problems.



I have the same locomotive. I bought it brand new in the late ‘90s for $330 if I remember correctly. It has become my go to locomotive when learning how to install electronics. After gutting PS1 I installed TMCC. Then later on I installed PS2. Still later after that I installed DCC. Finally when PS3 was available I returned the locomotive back to MTH electronics and installed PS3. I also added Kadee couplers both front and back. Someday I would like to shorten the drawbar. 



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The first  I owned was a MT-1105 N&W J 611. It was conventional with Bell/Horn only. Pulled like a bear.  I added builder/cylinder plates, engineer/fireman figures, real coal load, window detailing/glazing, re-drilled the tether to close the gap. RailKing Imperial before there was such a thing. Barely cleared $200 including the auxiliary water tender when I sold it.


It has long since been replaced by a MTH Premier PS3 version.


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