Great looking video!  Thanks for sharing and congratulations on running the first train!


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Please check out the NJ HiRailers website for information about our club.  Our What's New page shows what we've been working on. While visiting the website check our Show Dates for a listing of all our public shows and be sure to visit our Club Store for unique items available for purchase to support our club and worthwhile charities!!

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Didn't take you long.Looks good.Nick

No such thing as over kill-do it RIGHT.                                                                                                                             

Hello Adam, yes I did enjoy 484's first run. Thanks for showing. Looks like a nice layout.
I will go on record as saying: "This is only the first of many.  Trains are like potato chips, nobody has just one".

As always... Counting the days till Christmas.

Congratulation and thank you for sharing.

the video and sound is great!


    2 Rails Layout and a big fan of brick structure.

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Speaking of Premier...well here is a bunch

Middle of video biggest MU..dont breath the air


If it ain't broke,break it and make it better

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