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Just received an email from METCA announcing two new items - a Lionel G5 4-6-0 and a GP7. Took me less than a minute to decide this one is coming home with me. Love the stripes on the tender. Order placed - delivery second half 2021.

METCA and NETCA - love my TCA Divisions.



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Its too bad you didn't do a little research. If you chose the PRR G4 Class #7124 the Belpaire Boiler is not as pronounced

Unlike the PRR G5 #5741

Which is at the RR museum of PA that has a prominent Belpaire Boiler as well as the Air tank on the front. Maybe METCA can make some number changes.

BTW I am not aware of any O gauge/O scale PRR G4 class locomotive made.

@A.J. posted:

I didn't realize Lionel made a Legacy G5 model.  I'm assuming its just the generic 4-6-0 model from the most recent catalog painted in the Pennsy G5 fashion?  I would love it if Lionel did a Long Island G5s! 

They don' t. Thats a NYC F12e.  May as well put a high mount headlight on a hudson and call it a K4 lol!!

Not unlike the recent H10. Which is really an H9 . Which is really a NYC consolidation with a Bel Paire firebox.

But's Lionel. Lionel means "close enough" in!

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I can’t quite understand the excitement when Lionel decides to offer a New York Central Ten-Wheeler (which is a very nice model – I have one) that is inaccurate in a PRR paint scheme. MTH made an accurate PRR G-5s twenty years ago and has produced PS-1, PS-2 and PS-3 versions. This one is an old PS-1 that looks and still runs a lot like the real thing. The newer ones have slightly improved detail.




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I can agree with that too. I don't think I would mind running something from 1980's when I'm supposed to be in the late 1940's. Of course one needs a layout built first to begin adhering to the rules one sets.

I finally have that one covered.   Took a long time, and I'm far from complete, but at least I can run some trains.


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