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I, John Coy, received my "Association Official" certificate today (August 15, 2022) from the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). This is my 6th Achievement Program certificate.

I received this as a result of being elected and serving for three years (I'm closing in on four years) as a Director at Large on the Midwest Region Board.

There are eleven (11) certificates in the Achievement Program (AP) in total.

A person has to earn 7 of the 11 certificates in order to earn the designation of: Master Model Railroader (MMR).

The AP was born in 1961. As of last month, there were 711 people who have become a MMR in these past 61 years. That is an average of 11.5 people per year.

My wife, Connie Coy, is well on her way to becoming a MMR. Connie has five certificates and is the current Secretary for the Midwest Region. Connie is one of the four highest ranking Officers in the Midwest Region. Connie is the highest-ranking person I've ever personally known in the NMRA. Yes, she has always outranked me at home as well.

My understanding is that IF Connie and I do successfully complete the AP, we will be the fourth married couple ever to do so.

In addition, to the best of my knowledge, ONLY 1 other 3-railer has completed the AP and that is John Siegel MMR #601.

IF Connie and I do successfully pass the AP, we will be the 2nd and 3rd 3-railers to achieve this feat, and the first-ever married 3-railer couple to do so.

We may be the answer to Trival Pursuit question one day! LOL.

I have learned a lot and it is a great experience. Many of the Glacier Line Crew Members are working toward their MMR as well. One day relatively soon we may have four MMRs on the core Crew of the Glacier Line!

The NMRA is a fun organization where you will meet many interesting people and learn things about model railroading you knew nothing about.


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