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I just received my New Haven PA-1s from the 2021 Volume 1 catalog, and they are gorgeous. I remember going into a hobby shop when I was little and falling in love with the TMCC New Haven PA-1s from the early 2000s, so when I saw these, I had them ordered before I even finished reading the rest of the catalog.

No operating issues on my set - I did add some grease to the external gears and oil to the bearings out of the box. Everything ran smooth and quiet, not even a whine on the smoke unit fans like some other engines have.

I also want to take a moment to give a big thanks to Lionel, and to Ryan in particular. The catalog images for these units had the paint scheme wrong - specifically some lettering out of place, and a red "N" in the "NH" block logo on the side (the prototype PA-1s in this scheme had an all white "NH"). I reached out, offered corrections and painting diagrams, and had a pleasant e-mail conversation with Ryan. A year later I am relieved to see that the model came out accurate, and not like the catalog image!


I also want to thank Nassau Hobby Center - I verified my payment with them late yesterday afternoon, and received these early this afternoon. Less than 24 hours door-to-door was unexpected and impressive.

Has anyone else gotten theirs? How do the D&H units look?



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