It's been a long time since we have run trains for the public at MrMuffin'sTrains. We pulled the Carmel layout down last fall, and relocated our shops and inventory to Atlanta, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis.

As you might have read, we bought a second building in Atlanta and moved the retail store down the street, with our shipping and receiving and train repair work shop. This let us use the entire first floor of our first building for the layout and my collection. Korber Models is located on the second floor with some artist studios from Nickel Plate Arts.

Not much of the scenery is in place, but we are running trains on Saturdays again starting this Saturday, from 10-3.

Here's a view of the layout. People that have visited us this week for a preview have commented about how much they like being surrounded by the trains as you can walk into the layout from the far side of this photo.

There's still much to do!

SkyView of Layout

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Looks great Steve!

President & Chief Operating Officer


Serving The Basement.


It appears to be a wonderful space for your 'empire' Steve!

On a day to day basis, do you get a lot of foot traffic through your stores?

That layout build was really fast, and big! You have all really gotten a lot done in a short time and I'm sure you are excited that trains are now running. Great progress!! Good luck with the train running on Saturday.

If I wasn't about 8.5 hours and 550 miles away (per Google maps), I would love to come. I will have to make a road trip one of these days, would love to see your layout and store someday.

Looks wonderful, good luck with layout, looking forwarder to some videos.



A proud member of the Brotherhood of Carpet Layouts.  Permanent layout scheduled for Spring of  2019. New Home of Phoenix Train Works (Name of Layout)


Wow, you folks sure work fast! I think a lot of us would still be ruminating over whether or not we had the track plan "just right" and other similar distractions--fantastic.

Tuscan Jim

All I want to say is that, Mr. and Mrs. Muffins, are Extremely Hard Workers, and We can see the Results...There set up at  April York was Phenomenal! There sales Probably were inline with there hard work ethic and proper display of Many Train and related merchandise....There sales staff were well versed on their Products for Sale. Atlas O, MTH, Lionel, Korbor, etc. To have Trains Operating in this really Nice new Store is Ambitious beyond belief....They are True Ambassadors of this Wonderful Hobby, Model Railroading in This highly Hi-Tech Era of Operating Our Command Equipped Railroads....It's the Best of a Times for Our Hobby...Thank You Mr. and Mrs. Muffins!!!! WOW!! IMG_2231



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