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Hi Guys, The New Jersey Hi-Railers are at it again this year. Our October Open House will be a scream, as we bring forth the annual Halloween Monster Invasion. Monsters of every shape and size invade and terrorize the neighboring towns and landmarks of Silk City. And this year, the horde has GROWN in numbers. There is no telling what will be unleashed. The Silk City Military is preparing for the worst, and the trains will brave the rails not knowing what lurks around every turn. We hope some of you can make it. But when you do, make sure to bring your camera, your wits,.......and some meat! Regards, John T.


If you use Facebook and want to see more of our event, check out this link:



ENTER..........IF YOU DARE.........








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Originally Posted by MrMuffin'sTrains:

Heh John - do you guys let your guests add monsters to the layout?.... we were thinking that we would ask ours to bring their favorite monsters..... follow your lead..... 

Hi Mr. Muffin,


I have thought of that concept a few years back, but have not tried it yet.   Most of the monsters for our show are provided by myself.  It's been a solo act for several years since I first started the tradition.  In the last few years, however, some of the members have contributed some creatures to the menagerie because of how fun it can be.  Marty, when he was alive, asked me every year, "Are you going to put the monsters up?  Do you have enough monsters?."  And as the vice-president, John S., says to our guests, "It is ever evolving!"


If you know the right guests, go for it!  It could be fun.


I would love to see some photos of what happens if you do decide to do it.

Originally Posted by Greg Houser:

Great pics!  Looks like the event was a hit with everyone!



Sure was, Greg.  The kids loved it.  Didn't matter what age they were.  Now, we are looking forward to our next show on Nov. 16th.  Hoping it is as good as this one was.


BTW, Thank you for the compliment on my photos.


John T.

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