The OGR Forum Meeting Will Be Held at 2PM in the GOLD HALL on Friday, April 20th on the York Fairgrounds at the TCA Eastern Division Meet

The Spring O Gauge Railroading Forum Meeting will convene in the GOLD HALL, opposite the Orange Hall, starting at 2PM. on the York, PA Fairgrounds during the Train Collector's Association Eastern Division Meet on Friday, April 20th.


The OGR Forum Meeting is a blend of information and entertainment designed to give you the maximum amount of news about what is happening in the O gauge hobby in about one hour. This fast moving series of industry and hobby presentations is filled with information, observations, insights and, as always, some great laughs.


If you are on the York Fairgrounds at 2 PM on Friday April 20st come join us and don't miss it! The Spring 2018 Forum Meeting will feature the latest developments in new products, electronics and other O gauge vendor happenings.


We have several new presenters this time, which will positively add to your Forum experience.


If you can't join us in person, Steve Nelson, of Mr Muffins Trains, will wittily record all the news that is fit to share and then some, which will be posted separately on the OGR Forum after the meet.


The following organizations and companies are scheduled to participate ;


Atlas Model Railroad Company


Brennan's Model Railroad Products


Korber Models of Atlanta, Indiana, plus OGR Ameri-Towne Buildings


J and W Electronics


Lionel L. L. C.


Lionel Collector's Club of America (LCCA)


Mianne-Foley Woodworking Company


Miller Engineering


MTH Electric Trains, Inc.


Ready Made Trains


Ross Custom Switches


Sunset Models-Third Rail




A SPECIAL NOTE! We would appreciate some folks coming to the GOLD HALL a few minutes early to help us set up chairs for the Forum Meeting. This is great way to meet new O gauge friends. Plus it is a wonderful exercise opportunity!


Ed Boyle


O Gauge Railroading magazine


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Kevin J. Davis, the LCCA  FasTrack Modular Railroad Coordinator, is creating a Special treat for attendees at York!  Thanks to his efforts, the foyer of the Orange Hall will boast an operating FasTrack Modular Layout for us to enjoy.  As far as I know, this is the first time there has ever been a layout running at the front of Orange Hall where you can try out the modular railroad experience. Thank you Kevin and the Eastern Division!

Kevin says  you are welcome to  bring an engine to run on the layout to pull his consists. The idea here  is to give you a taste of just how much fun a modular layout can be to operate with your own locomotives.  I am bringing a favorite GP7 to polish those FasTrack Modular rails.

Ed Boyle


What was the official Atlas report at the meeting, engine delivery future models etc, it would appear that based on the  "museum" reports Atlas is still having issues with engine production with a June projected delivery for its first engine this year. Just saying!

George S posted:

Thank you OGR for a great meeting today! Lots of fun and good to meet the sponsors.

Too bad Mike Reagan never got his standing ovation. Some of us were trying to stand up, but it takes us a little longer these days.


I agree with George, great meeting!  Lots of excellent information!  Thank you OGR; thank you Ed Boyle!

George, it was great meeting you!

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