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A few years back a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in creating a layout for a local movie producer    He said the guy wanted trains running around in his theater room  and he liked the Orient Express

Took my friend John to look at what we needed   Found out that besides being a movie producer they guy had a business to supply infirmaries on most of the shipping companies  We also found out that the guy was a little eccentric  His theater room had ship models everywhere   He wanted the trains to run around a soffit in the room with a bridge going across   John made the crossing out of Mahoganey and we got the trains running in a few days   We gave him the MTH Chapelon to head the train but we couldnt find the cars at the time of these pics

This is us installing in his theater room 


Then he told us he was going to have an artist friend of his paint the soffit and bridge  This is the result  PAris to Istanbul



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"John made the crossing out of Mahoganey"

I read the story and I'm thinking of John. They hand selected the wood, expertly cut, sanded, finished it to perfection to show the grain of the wood, and then a painter is hired and paints the whole thing over.

Could have been pine and nobody would know.

Absolutely.  John was pretty upset but when we saw the final product he calmed down

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Stunning. The detail on the ships is absolutely amazing. I would love to know who built those - they are incredible.

Like Ben Maggi above, I wonder about derailments and an engine taking the long plunge - and landing on someone's head. Pretty dangerous setup. I certainly would have put plexiglass walls on the bridges to prevent that possibility.

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