I got one yesterday on a topic I had only commented on, not actually posted a link or photo. It does make you go back and see what you posted to confirm you did nothing wrong. That is a PIA when the topic has stretched out for a few pages.


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It's temporary until everyone becomes aware of copyright issues with photos. Personally, I'd rather get the reminder than a letter from an attorney over a photo. One of our members is a professional photographer and he's had to go after magazines for publishing his photos without permission, credit or compensation so I try to be a bit aware of the photos.

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overlandflyer posted:

this is getting a little ridiculous.  i have yet to agree to anything, and i can do without being legally berated for participating in an activity i used to think was fun.


Got one yesterday after posting on the what did you do....Started deleting all the posts and photos  from when i started here in 2013. I guess whwn thats finally done so am I . It's not like this is the only O forum although it was my favorite.

I have no problem whatsoever with the message.  OGR can be on the short end of a lawsuit for copyright violation if it publishes a copyright photo submitted by a forumite.  Even if OGR were to prevail, it loses because of attorney fees.  One can always find a copyright or a patent owner who smells a few dollars by suing for infringement, and walking away with a settlement.  The persons sued will find it cheaper to pay off the claim than pay an attorney to fight the claim.  Not just, but that's the way it is.  OGR is dead right in protecting itself.

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