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I do like that! Where did it come from?

There is an ex-military 2-6-2T at the Festiniog Railway in N Wales (I have seen it working, but it is out of service pending overhaul since the mid-2000s) and in recent years, a Baldwin 4-6-0T which mostly operates at Leighton Buzzard, but AFAIK no Baldwin 2-6-2T this side of the water. There were three working at the Dinorwic slate quarries, one survived into preservation - I believe it’s presently in France

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5240 is mostly new, they started with the remains of an Army surplus locomotive that had been stripped down and converted into a strange looking tender engine for an amusement park. There is not a ton of information available on this locomotive because it is privately owned so I don't know which locomotive was reborn as #5240.

To be technical it's actually 60cm remember these were built for Europe, which comes out to 23-5/8 inches, but track gauge allowances will vary depending on class (if under FRA jurisdiction).  Better to be a little wide than tight.  Also I am making the assumption nothing was regauged.

I also noticed an air compressor had been added.

Really neat to see running.

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