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While looking online for some info regarding the above set, I noticed some of the large online retailers including Amazon have incorrect photos of the set on their websites.  There are videos on and also youtube that show the finished set, clearly it was made as originally shown in the Lionel catalog and website. Several online retailers show photos of the set with a tank car instead of the gondola and also the engine, boxcar and caboose are decorated in different colors that what Lionel advertised/made. Images attached.



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  • 2023070_Lionel: As shown in Lionel catalog/website
  • 2023070_Online: Shown on several large online retailers websites
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JSCARPO - Be interesting in seeing what the actual 6-85414 set looks like. I've also seen it advertised on Walmart, HSN and Amazon.  It's also on the  For a while Lionel was advertising some sets in their catalog as "hobby shop exclusives" meaning only traditional dealers could sell them. So by changing some colors and a piece of rolling stock I guess Lionel just created a "non hobby shop exclusive".

I ordered this mystery set in the red box on December 28,2020 and showed delivered on December 30, 2020 and it was no where to be found at my residence the FEDEX tracking number came back as delivered left on porch! problem here is I do not have a porch so someone got a new train set... It was a hassle back and forth with LIONEL to try to get this set replaced. Figured maybe there really was not a set after all figured they would respond and say something like " oh the set is not available any longer but we have a similar set" I was wrong they did the right thing came through and set the set,, so the set showed up and we now can confirm there are two different sets... Lionel kept a Happy Lionel customer Happy here!!!

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