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The Z-4000 is one achievement Mike Wolf is especially proud of. It was several years in development in the mid 1990's. Mike assembled and personally oversaw an engineering team to produce a powerful 400 watt electronic transformer that would receive the coveted UL approval. Fan cooled with two throttles that could provide up to 10 amps each at 20 volts with corresponding digital volt and amp meters. Also, two fixed voltage accessory outlets at 10 and 14 volts respectively. Quick acting nanosecond circuit interruptors insure protection of this transformer. Another safety feature is that both throttle handles must be in the full off position for the unit to power up. The Z-4000 quickly became a dependable and worthy successor to the much loved and venerable Lionel ZW, itself a lasting icon.

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To further protect my Z-4000's, I use a high quality Monster brand home theater surge protector on the AC input side...

I don’t usually make hay out of surge protection, and I don’t know which model you have, but I would reconsider the use of anything made by Monster.  They mostly make overpriced junk.  Here’s a teardown of one of their $90 (!) surge protectors.

Compare that to this that uses actual electrical outlets inside.

I cannot dissuade people enough from using Monster products.

Surge protection is like insurance. You have it in case you need it. You know when your insurance was needed, but you never know when your surge protection was needed. IOW, how do any of us know if we have good surge protection? Just because you've never had a component fail, doesn't mean your surge protection is good. For 30 years, I never used surge protection on any of my electronics and never had a failure.

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