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There are some O gauge crossing gates that include ringing bell sound effects.


Do you find the ringing bell sounds fun or irritating?



The ringing bells are fun for a short time, but if the volume is too loud and the ringing continues too long it becomes irritating to me.





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Go with the switch. If the layout is small then you will think the sound is like Chinese water torture!! On large layouts and slower running trains it is fantastic.


Another solution I used on a prior layout was adding a passing siding running parallel to the main line and perpendicular to the grade crossing that was wired to trigger the sounds. Run on the passing siding and it rang, run on the main, no sound.

Originally Posted by Tom Densel:

I did what Michael did.  I added a switch to the audio circuit to kill the bell.  With a small layout the bell rings almost constantly.  My wife and kids thanked me profusely when I installed it.



I think depends on the size of the layout.Real rr crossing bells will ring as first.Then shut off the lights will still be flashing thou.

  Having spent a lot of time within earshot of a switcher, mostly it goes in one ear out the other.

 The old clinkers drove me nuts, but modern ones I like.

The bell is my favorite part of sound on a modern loco.

Signals are the only reason I have the volume up.

The chuff gets to me first to be honest.


More cowbell!.

When FasTrack first hit the scene, we (LHS) changed our 4X8' store layout from a classic tubular track double oval to a FasTrack oval/figure 8.  Since we wanted to entertain as well as advertise, we included BOTH the FasTrack crossing flashers and the crossing gates/flashers accessories....with bell sounds.


The customers....they're rather important!....enjoyed the animation and the bell sounds. 


OTOH, we employees?........!!!  Thank heavens for the sound on/off switch between the rails!!!!  They're permanently OFF!!


I believe Guantanamo might have had more success with that layout than their controversial water-thing!!


But, TEHO, I say.



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Originally Posted by JohnB:



     Sometimes at our open houses I am ready to blow up the MTH Firehouse because of the $.((;$)?$$ bell.



We have Thomas and James at the club layout at the mall. Every time a child runs them with their dedicated remote, they turn on the bell and leave it on - the whole time. I have told several of the club members that the next time I have to fix one of the locos, the bell button will be disabled. No one has disagreed so far.

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