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The Train Shop Weekly is a weekly video pod cast from Henning's Trains hosted by Bill & Harry Henning III and Walt Herbine. We take a little time at the end of each week to share some interesting things that came in during the week, do some product reviews, share some tips and have an occasional guest spot. We try to include a variety of things.

We had a good visit to "gunrunnerjohn"s layout, Harry Henning "theoldman" has been on sharing about Model Engineering Works and his replacement wheels, lots of product reviews and sharing industry news as we get.

We have been having fun doing these and hope you enjoy them too despite our limited video production skills. It is basically just us hanging out, talking trains, nothing more.

New episodes appear Sunday evenings at 8:00pm(est).

The Train Shop Weekly - YouTube

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Yes this has been a new venture for us. We try to cover the new items that come into the shop. But we also like to talk about older items as well. We have covered things like how to repair an E unit and armatures. We Let guys know about the parts we sell as well for their post war and pre-war trains.

We like to try to keep our videos to half hour but sometimes they run longer.  This new venture has been a new learning curve for us.

We hope that you come and check us out and let us know what we can do to make it better for everyone.  We do know how to handle criticism to make us grow better or cover things of interest within our Model railroading. 

Thank you!!!!

I too enjoy these weekly videos and subscribed to the channel. One suggestion that would help me and I’m sure others as the number of videos grow is an index listing the video and the topic highlights. For instance the video where Harry rebuilt the E-Unit I sent an email link to myself so I could find it in the future since it was very straightforward and informative.

Keep them coming!!

Bill & Harry, I'm very behind on my YouTube watching videos. I have about 90 or so to go with I think a few episodes of The Train Shop Weekly among the other stuff I watch. Sort of had a few long days which started to accumulate a backlog of videos.

I really enjoyed the spaghetti episode, that was pretty neat to see and now know. I'll try to make an effort to catch up with my watching. See you when I can.

My 2cents worth. We will be adding "The Backroom" , a new episode dealing with like new  & 'old' arrivals bought or traded in.  There will not be a list or pricing involved., just about 5 minutes of pictures of all kinds of 'stuff', parts, etc. that you may have a use for. They will include 'G' gauge, standard gauge, "O", 'S', HO, & 'N' gauge. A lot of items are purchased from estates where the dad has accumulated trains for the layout he was going to construct upon retirement, but sadly, did not make it.  We will see how this goes over w/ you folks.  Harry 

The Train Shop Weekly has been off the past couple of weeks, Walt has been ill but is on the mend so we hope to be back shortly. Just not the same without all 3 of us. Thank you to all that have inquired and given their support.

Episode 18 was rather interesting with us taking a quick look at Atlas's new summer 2021 catalog and then my Pulling Power challenge with interesting results. Looking forward to trying some more loco's.

The Train Shop Weekly Vol.1 - No.18 "Pulling Power"

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