The Trains are out at Menards

Art, before they built a Menards 2 miles from me I would drive 30 miles one way to a Menards. After going there the first time that actually became my go to store even though I have a Home Depot and a Lowes within 2 miles of me. I agree with you they have the best choices of lumber. Each time I went for lumber I did not have to rumage through the piles for good lumber..................Paul

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Dennis LaGrua posted:

One thing for sure; you get a great deal on Menards products (and they are nice) but I have a question;  How is it that Menards can sell a metal trucks, box car or rolling stock piece for $19.95 while the other importers price theirs at $50-$90 retail ?  Am I missing something here?

Yes you are. Look up "loss leader".

I am fairly confident Menards make an ok profit on the trains they sell or they would not be doing it.  They have a shorter chain than Lionel and MTH.  I do not think there is a layer between them and the manufacturer of the product.

In the old days, back in the last century some of us bought directly from Mike's Train House.  As they built the dealer network that ship sailed.  However, I think there is a good chance their margins were higher then.

Eagle-eyed Franktrain comes through again. He also discovered the Red Owl space on the Menards shelves two years ago before Mark offered any advance announcement.

However, I hadn’t heard of any hints of a Taco Bell in O gauge. Curious, because up until now, Menards has always issued buildings in O scale before duplicating them in HO. Very interesting.

Oh, Maaaark .... ?

Jim R. 

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