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It took a few years to finally get this video together, but here it is. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.


Eric Siegel

Thanks for the great video, I used a similar method for some roads but instead used a fine clean type of sand that I mixed with paint first and spread out to dry then mixed with the white glue. Your method of laying down over the Flexbed gives a much better look. 

Probably the best-looking roadwork I have ever seen. It's prototypical in that it is rocks held together with a medium that dries and cures, and is laid down wet - not hot petroleum asphalt, but white glue - still a similar process.

I would like to see it done using a lighter colored HO-scale (I would think) ballast as the rocks - most asphalt roads lighten enormously over time, naturally. The "patching" process and the cracks open up all sorts of possibilities for new/old surface mix effects. All of which you have thought of, I am sure.

Great work; sure makes my painted Masonite roads look, ah, less than stellar.  


Thanks again for the tutorial.  Here was my try at a parking lot.  I wanted it to look older, so instead of WS Cynders, I used dollar store black sand and beach sand.  You can kind of see my "newer" looking road in the background. 

Then I sprinkled some gravel powder over it and rubbed it in with my hands.  Lastly, I hit it with the airbrush to simulate the tire wear marks, the oil stains and the lines.  I love the look of airbrushed lines.  I'll never use pinstriping again.   After seeing these pics, I think my parking bumpers are a tad wide.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.




I wanted an older look, so I used two colors of sand from the dollar store instead of the Woodland Scenics Cinders/


The mix that worked for me was 3oz white glue and 5oz sand (3oz black and 2oz beach)  This combination did about half of my parking lot.


This grey power is from a pile of left over gravel my neighbor gave me.  They use it as the first layer covering a buried gas line so when the next person digging sees this, they know a gas line is near.  I sift the gravel using two different strainers and this is the smallest material.  I have also used the bigger material to ballast tracks.  


I sprinkle the power on and just rub it in with my hand for a nice worn look.


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