I mostly run Northeastern locomotives. Being from NY, and enamoured with the New Haven, Pennsylvania and NY Central Railroads since I was a young child, I have acquired mostly Northeastern model trains.

But I also have some Western locomotives that I occasionally run on my layout.

This evening, I noticed on my layout the billboard shown in the short video below, that mentions the West and the Grand Canyon. This billboard inspired the name of this Forum topic.

And I did a quick Forum search, and did not see any previous similar topic, which surprised me.

So, we can now share photos, videos and comments here about our favorite Western model trains.

This video shows an MTH Proto 1 Texas and Pacific steamer pulling oil tanker cars. 

This T & P steamer has been durable, totally reliable, has good sounds and a great smoke unit. It's a bit of a Jack rabbit like most MTH Proto 1, but it was relatively economical, has an attractive blue color, and I am very happy with it, especially now that I have a BCR in it, so I have no worries running it. 

We can now have some fun here showing each other our Western trains. Arnold


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Mikey’s pics look a lot like the Western Pacific Museum in Portola, CA. If so, six of us went there after Sacramento’s Railfair 99, and we bought two hours of run time. We split it six ways so we each got to drive 10 minutes on the F-Unit, and 10 minutes on one of the switchers. I found it just as enjoyable watching the other five guys get the hang of it. Our instructor was a young lady of about 20, herself a qualified engineer. Can you imagine six, albeit very well behaved, gentlemen in that F-Unit cab? That WP paint scheme is my favorite.


juniata guy posted:

Arnold; apropos of your topic title; are you by chance a Doors fan?  🤔


Totally, and when I posted this topic, I knew that "the west is the best" was a lyric in one of The Doors' songs.

I believe that song was The End. It was not one of my favorites. My favorites: Light My Fire, Touch Me, LA Woman, When the Music's Over, Roadhouse Blues. Arnold

In my little world, I leave this troubled world behind.

A UP 8444, it is west for me. Though it is pulling N&W Passenger Cars, though you can't see the cars very well because of the angle of the picture. There is a filter applied to the image to have it look a little bit order.



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