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Headed by a Lionel Hudson, powered by a Pullmor motor, pulling set of MTH 15" passenger cars this train has very loud loco sounds, a whistle and bell that can wake up everyone in the house and a smoke-em-if-you-got-em stack, I just can't find anything I like better to replace it with.



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In case you haven't seen it already check out @harmonyards handiwork.  In the relatively recent past he's replaced the Pulmor with a can motor, and is quite happy with the results:

  Some of us really bring those early to mid 90’s Pullmors up to today’s standards | harmonyards


Great looking yellow belly!  Kissing cousins to the Commodores.  Very much so… a lot of potential in these Hudsons.

just don’t change those sounds; they’re awesome!  


- Mario

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