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Christmas brought me the new Lionel UP theater car.  But despite numerous tries, I cannot get its camera linked to my home WI Fi.  So no picture on my phone or Ipad.

I've written Lionel twice, no reply so far.  Since I figured there is more technical expertise here than anywhere else I would try to see if any OGR Forum readers has a solution.

Here is where I am.  My phone shows the Lionel wifi address, but when trying to log into it, I get the following: "IP Camera CMFA etc, Device offline".  Clicking on it on the phone, I get "requesting service" and then again "device offline"."

After pushing the reset button (done this many times!), it starts with "Push Message, no valid aps environment entitlement string found for application"  Then onto the page with the camera identification and the sequence as above.

BTW, I have two WiFi bases, both show a strong signal and trying each makes no difference.


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Is there some type of Lionel app that you downloaded?

"Hey Gary, The WiFi camera in the car does not have a microphone so there is no sound. The sound you hear from the train is from my Canon T6i. The camera connects to your phone or iPad through WiFi so the signal from the camera is sent there. The program is from Lionel and it's call Lionel Wireless Camera. I'm not sure about the time stamp. There doesn't seem to be many settings but I'm not sure. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for watching!


Lionel Wireless Camera. I would guess this app should do the connecting. Sounds like it's not so there must be something on the device (phone) not connecting to the wifi.

pretty basic question but you did load this app right?

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