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I have always thought Super O was one of the best looking 3 rail track systems. I have little room for a hi rail layout and still have a quite a lot of Post War and traditional size trains plus many post war type accessories.

Reading some on Super O I see there is still a lot of track out there in various condition. Much of it comes without track pins and power bars. Has anyone come up with an alternative power clip and are there are alternative pins that will work in the outside rail?

Also I see Eliot Welz had a system of making wider curves. Has anyone else come up with a way to make the curves wider themselves?


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I believe S&W Parts Supply which advertises here sells the power bus bars and pins for Super O.  If not they can frequently be found on the bay.  The pins on the outer rail are mostly there to provide electrical connections.  Worst case you can stick in a length of wire and hit it with a little solder.  I have heard that Gargraves 803 pins will work on Super O.

Hi, I have a layout with mostly Super O.  I have some Gargraves to accommodate wide radius curves. I've had some guys make wide radius curves of 96' & 108" diameter circles.  As I'm able to acquire wide radius Super, I replace the Gargraves track.  Long trains seem to like running on wide radius Super O.  I too have dealt with Mike Spanier to acquire Super O track & accessories for the track  He does seem to have anything you'll need in Super O.  He knows about this track and is great to deal with.

If you'd like, you can see the track on my layout here.;

I like to build my own stuff. I have Gargraves and tubular but this will be a smaller layout with Post War in mind. I believe I read Welz had tools to make make larger radius which Len C. has acquired. I know I can buy all this but would still prefer to roll my own. Just wondering if anyone else has tried making their own custom curves.

Jim, Are you going to recommend I go with Atlas switches?


Pete, I’ve been using Atlas switches since Niagara Hobby gave me a couple to try when they first came out 25 or so years ago. I’m up to about 40 now and still using the original two. I have not experienced any of the problems people here complain about. Like any hobby they require a little tinkering sometimes and some bulletproof wiring methods. I’ve also bought plenty of used track and switches on the cheap which were not so nicely removed from layouts and it’s quite repairable. Only drawback is no magna traction on the postwar stuff. For my yard areas I’ve gone to ground throws for the ‘hands on’ value and Gary 3D printed mounting pads for me  which are really slick.

Norton,  Even though I moved to Atlas 'Fat' track from Super-O...  I'm still a huge fan of Super-O and have a ton of it, including the switches... which with a little 'initial' tinkering always performed rock solid for me.  It's pretty easy to find and more often than not... already weathered!  Just gently clean the top side of the rails and it looks GREAT!!!  Pins & Bus bars are readily available... the ends of the center rail have a cutout for the Bus Bar, you need them for a smooth transition from track section to section.

Bus Bar Cut Out


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  • Bus Bar Cut Out
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