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We will be setting up a local train show table, and decided to get see if there were maybe a few books to add to train stuff.  Yikes, couldn't believe how many coffee table picture  and other "useless" train books I bought over the years!!  Just amazing how this gets away from you, and even end up with duplicates, forgetting you bought original a hundred years ago. 

If I don't sell, I will probably give to library or Half Price books.

But on the bright side, now I have more bookshelf room to add more......

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Just a thought, but you could try posting some (or even all) of them on the For Sale forum here and see what happens. It's free. You could just post a few at a time and see how it goes. If there isn't much interest then the the train show, Half Price Books or donating could be considered.

You never know there could be some books that some of the the folks here have been looking for and would love to fine a copy. As they say, one man's 'useless' books could be another man's treasure! (or something like that...) 


Yep, plan to post on for sale here after show done.

Some of these books were bought at half price or given, but once I began reading, some turned into reading "slogs"  I put book away for another day (that never came).  I realize the writers can't be Pulitzer Prize authors and at least their stuff is written down for others.  But hats off to those who do this for the love of RRing, big or model.

Sounds like a plan. I have a couple of the 'un-readables' myself. Some just seem to flow the way they are written. Others just seem to fight you all the way! Good luck, I'm sure they will the difficult reading ones will appeal to someone somewhere.

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