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The third installment in the "Citizen" series, "Where Citizens of Warrenville Pray and Play" is up on . Check it out.

If you have not already, while there, check out first two installments; "Where Citizens of Warrenville Work" and "Home Sweet Home for Warrenville Citizens" too.

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@Lionelski posted:

Here is one of the pics of the zoo O-Gauge CJ mentioned.


Hmm - I gotta get rid of the bases on the people and I see that this area (done about 20 years ago) is in need of serious refreshing. Funny how a picture can reveal things not noticed by eye.

The Zoo pics will be replaced when this updating is done.

I spent the last two days renovating the Zoo. Before and After pics are in my forum post entitled "Warrenville Zoo Renovated = before and after pics". Sorry, I don't know how to attach a link to that new post or I would have.

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