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I just ripped out my second layout and am planning my third.  Hopefully I will learn from my many mistakes!

Attached is the current design, both the track plan and a rough of where the operating accessories could go.  If it is an appropriate questions for the forum, I would appreciate some any thoughts and reactions (I have done the last two by myself)


  1. It is in an attic - space is tight, 14 x 14 feet.   I need to work around some fans, ducts (why the table on the north side have big gaps) and dormers.  I have to be able to reach everything from the center walk way because of the angle of the rafters.
  2. All Lionel equipment from 1952-57, including a number of operating accessories (thanks Uncle Bob).  
  3. All Gargraves phantom track, most saved from Layout 2.  Yes I debate going with the full 1950s look by using tubular track but Peter Riddle's book (Trains from Grandfather's Attic) convinced me it is OK to use modern track.
  4. I think I am moving from Lionel 022 (some vintage, some modern) to Ross Custom Switches - never liked the look of the 022s versus wood ties, want greater flexibility.  
  5. Wine colored track is a yard for staging trains and working the operating accessories - yes I know I need to space things and think about location of remote control tracks
  6. Multi-colored track is one long loop with automatic block controls to support 3 trains operating continuously without intervention


Thanks for any thoughts - and thanks for all the posts.  It's been a couple of years since I have had to think how to build a layout and the last couple of weeks has reinforced that the forum is a wonderful resource.  

Be Safe!



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