We have been getting a lot of inquiries from folks saying that they have seen the January edition in the news stands and in hobby shop shops as well as book stores...but they haven't gotten their copy yet.  Naturally, during this time of year, if mail volume is high and weather is bad in certain parts of the country, magazine delivery is generally delayed a week or so...however, we found out this morning that this may not be the reason why you haven't received your copy by now. 

We recently have been working with our printer to adjust the mailing dates so that the time when the magazine arrives to you would be closer to the cover date.  This helps alleviate subscribers confusion of getting issues and subscription reminders months in advance of the cover date and also helps advertiser ad deadlines and allows them to have a better feel for what inventory they will have available when the issue arrives at your home.  With that said, I understood that this would begin with the Feb/March 2019 edition but I got confirmation this morning that it is starting with the January 2019 edition.  News stand and store copies were supposed to be mailed out right after subscriber copies however it appears during this transition, that did not happen. 

So...PLEASE don't worry....you will be getting your January magazine as they have been mailed out over the last few days and are on the way to your home.  Sorry for the wait but it will be well worth it as the January edition has some fantastic articles and pictures!  Thanks for your understand and continued support....we appreciate you!

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scale rail posted:

Thanks Alan, on this rock we are always the last to get it. Of course our mail woman likes to read it first. If we are not home and a new engine or car come, she puts it in the kitchen for us in case of rain. Wonderful mail woman. Don

Don, you are the only guy I know who has given the USPS a key to their home! ๐Ÿ˜‚

colorado hirailer posted:

Huh...l thought subscribers are supposed to get theirs BEFORE it shows up on newsstands?

Only if your local post office delivers Second Class mail as it is supposed to. If they let it sit around for a week, then it may be on the newsstands and in dealers before you get it. Subscriber copies are always mailed five days before the dealer copies are shipped.

The newsstand pool copies go out on their own schedule with about 50 other magazines in the same pool. We have no control over that, so it might show up in book stores, newsstands, and Walmart before you get your subscriber copy.

Rich Melvin

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