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Stout Auctions has made the July auction a single day event for Friday July 10th with a very large and diverse auction of trains!  We have everything from early prewar all the way up to very late modern era trains.  Gauges are standard, O, Gauge 1 and a lot of S gauge!   Manufacturers include Lionel, K-Line, MTH, American Flyer, S Helper Services, American Models, Ives, Marx, Marklin and others.


Lots 1- 399 include a great group of modern O gauge rolling stock, Atlas O track, layout supplies, locomotives, and more,

Lot 400-512 Modern era S gauge with high quality locomotives from American Models and S Helper service. Passenger sets from Lionel and American Models. Plus a wide selection of rolling stock from all of the major S gauge manufactures.

Lot 513-566 Postwar American Flyer including a number of Hudsons, Northerns, Alcos, and more. Also a number of rolling stock lots, buildings, scenery and more.

Lots 567 – 800 are empty lots with no items

Lots 801-895 are prewar O and standard gauge from Lionel and Ives

Lot 871 is a nice Marklin gauge 1 set

Lots 896-1024 are a collection of high grade postwar Lionel including F3’s, 773, 6464’s, military, FM’s and much more.  Most are original boxed.

For more information please call 765-764-6901 or email  Please note that due to COVID-19 that all bidding activity will be live online, by absentee or by telephone.    

Click Here to View the Catalog!


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