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My son has a new house near Phoenicia, NY which we'll be visiting soon.  I've already asked on OGR about train stores near there and got plenty of good responses.  He also has an apartment in Manhattan, and would like us to spend a few days in the city as well.  I've already seen all the sights I care to see, and will go to the train show at the Botanical Gardens.  Is there a train store in midtown or the upper West Side that would be good to visit, i.e., not too far from hotels in midtown or their apartment?  I'm sure the prices are not cheap.

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I will mention the Red Caboose in Manhattan and then expect the onslaught of people who dislike the store. (in mid-Manhattan)

I have not been there in years (since COVID), maybe call first to check hours.

I always was treated well and he has a nice selection of old railroad books.

If you like books, there is also The Strand bookstore which I recommend.

If never at Grand Central Terminal, it is worth a visit.

Finally, if you can get down to the lower West Side, visit The High Line park.


Thanks all.  Not sure where all I can go in the limited amount of time I now apparently have.  I thought I had Friday non-committed, but I'm now getting some vibes about having to go to the Guggenheim since we haven't been there yet.  The rest of the time I have stuff.

I'll probably have more luck and time to see the train stuff in Phonecia, near my sons house.  This thread has some ideas for that.

The main feature of the show at the Garden is the structures built entirely out of wood, moss and etc. Brownstones, bridges, baseball stadiums and other historical NY structures with trains running through the plantings. Well worth seeing, just be sure to make ticket reservations in advance as its become very popular. There is a gift shop that has postcards with photos of the trains.

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I'm getting ready for my trip, and have a new question.  I imagine that the train show at the Botanical Gardens is primarily a train show, but would there be any buying/selling of trains nearby, in a refined way of course!  My guess would be no.

It isn't a train show like Greenbergs or whatever. It is part of the holiday light show at the NY Botanical gardens. They used to do the train show in the Haupt Conservatory there which was real magic), with Covid when they started doing it again it was I seem to recall in a tent structure. As another poster said, it is G gauge trains running through scenes of NY, with the structures made out of natural materials.  It has become a big tourist draw now, like the nutcracker and other such things, but it is definitely worth going to, they do a nice job with the whole event. When I started going (I lived not that far from the BG, used to commute from there on Metro North) it was more low key. One night I went we had a holiday song sing along with the Bronx Borough president, and then went to see the show in the conservatory (was a long time ago, prob late 80's; I was married at the NYBG around that time).

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I went to the NYBG Holiday Train Show today with my wife, son, and daughter-in-law.  It was bigger than I expected, and as crowded as some had said.  I'm posting pictures I took of the scenery and trains.  The layouts were all G scale.

Thanks for posting.  The first photo looks not like NY, but "Bridge on the River Kwai".  BTW If you have never seen the movie HIGHLY recommend it!

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