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Would anyone have any insight on the history of this car?

I found a similar one in the book "The Golden Years of Tin Toy Trains" but the proportions are different.

*Maybe the one pictured is a Gauge 1 and mine a Gauge 0. Is this why? 

There's also no Bing markings on it.






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Yes, it's Bing.  As you noted the dimensions are different because of the gauge.  The 1900 catalog cut has the same care listed.  9692/0 35mm Spurweite 8.5 cm lang - per Stuck MK - .66..  The description is "Packwagen mit Bremserhauschen mit Schiebethuren - feinst lackirt."  There's a few umlauts over some of the letters which I can't seem to make happen in this post but that's the general idea. The car is also listed in my 1906 catalog.  


  Addendum - Schiffmann Sammlerkatalog Band 5 for Bing O gauge lists the car coming in brown and in the color of yours the production dates are 1899-1907. Shiffmann gives the length as 9.5 cm.

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