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Do it up. As soon as I saw the new (repro) Lionel Corp. Tinplate stuff start coming out in these colors I litterally said to myself "Wow, that's awesome, too bad they're priced thru the roof, I'll beat them up at their own game." Jr. *thought* I was cRaZy to repaint this stuff...until he saw how they started turning out. What's the price point on that 437 tower? Somewhere around $300? I don't think so. I bought that one you see above as parts for somewhere around $60-$70 & did it myself. The station was an MTH repro, almost new condition, for $150. I don't care about any supposed 'collector value' or whatever. If I can get it cheap, I'll just do it myself. It's fun to make something that's one of a kind. Any of my friends & family that sees my stuff when they come over couldn't tell the difference anyway, so it's just for me & Jr anyway. That's how we do this on a budget.

I'm with you, I do get a great satisfaction out of fixing this stuff up.  Here's my version of an LCT colored 249E and 600/601/602, would look good pulling into your station!  I still need to finish up a few details on it.  You must work pretty fast to get that whole station done and put back together in a weekend!  It's perfect!



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Awesome man! Looks factory.


  The dissassembly, painting & reassembly is quick. What bogged me down a little was custom fitting all the window treatments, logos for above the doors, & the seat benches inside. Now I have to come up with a plan for a platform for the track & a base for the station to sit on because there's no way I'm buying all that expensive stuff. Time to get creative. Probably won't have time until next weekend.

Thanks!  Slowest part was polishing all that darn trim Well that and getting the car tops half way smooth, they were way pitted up.  You could probably put together a couple of 156 station platform look alikes out of wood.  Do the base out of 1X3 and then do the roofs with some bass wood sheet.  Could make the posts out of dowel or maybe 1/4 steel square bar.  Lots of possibilities!  I've seen beat up 156 platforms for pretty cheap too.

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