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The site expires next month... should I extend the hosting services ...i.e., is it still a useful resource for the ORG community?

Extremely informative (and, opinionated) with many, many well documented layout designs... and of course, some excellent musings.



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Thor Shiel aka Tom Shiel was a member of our club for many years. He would run conventional trains at a 1,000 mph and always said that a cab-1 or TMCC was junk. Thor was a good friend of mine at the club and I always gave him a ride home at night. For some reason, he did not drive and took the bus to the club and I usually gave him a ride home.
A real good guy!
I did get your email to the club and have to see if any members want to take up your offer. The contact us button is set with my email that goes directly to the club president.


It's cheap to keep it going... around 30+/- bucks a year and there isn't any maintenance to speak of.  My concern is that I get hit by a truck.  When I put the site back up I had to get a new url extension because the original had lapsed and was scooped up by some southeast Asian entity.  I do not mind paying for it... but, I would really like to have someone or some entity  listed with (or, without) me as the 'owner/co-owner' of the url so that it never expires.

Also, is Dale Manquen's site still up???  I can't find it.  I have a copy (some where) of his website as well.

@DaveP posted:

I'm amazed it's been round 20+ years - since the 'dawn' of the internet. That site never gets old. Thor was quite the character.

Time is flying fast.  The explosion of the internet, the initial mass-migration to it that really launched it to stardom, occurred in the summer and fall of 1994.

Next year it'll be 30 years.  Are we getting old or what?

Good work Dennis.  We have to find more help to keep these old sites alive.


Commendable that you will continue to keep this resource alive.  I'm sure that someone will step up and be listed as a contact along with you.  Personally, I think that having one of the established clubs as the co-owner is best due to having safety in numbers - each of us is ephemeral.

I checked the internet archive Wayback Machine ( - has been captured several times, but has been "excluded" (their word).

Please post regarding the outcome.

@BillYo414 posted:

@Oscale_Trains_Lover_ we can do that? I didn't know that! I thought it was like something they just did themselves. I didn't know it was like a community effort. What's involved in us doing it?

Yes we can!

If you go to and in the bottom right corner there is a "save page now". You simply post the url into the box, click "save page", and then click "save page" again on the new screen. Sit back and let it do its thing, time to complete all depends upon the size of the website. I just did it so there should show a capture from today.

If you navigate around the Thor Trains website via the wayback machine and click on all of the links, some will populate others will not (you need to click on every single link to check, it's very time consuming). Those that do not: rinse and repeat the above.

My buddies and I have done this to a few non-train websites that had great tips for model painting and miniature gaming which are now the way of the dodo...


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