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Let me preface this by stating I am a mechanical moron and electronically ignorant, so please be kind…

Getting my Christmas trains down under the trees tonight and discovered my K-Line K713-7401 Operating Candy Cane Dump Car was no longer operating. It worked last Christmas and has been stored inside at room temperature ever since.

The mechanical couplers pop open on the RCS track and another, mechanically operated dump car works fine. I hit the reset button on the K-Line dump car to no effect. Moved the car over the RCS track in every possible position and got no responses (noise/movement/etc). Varied the voltage from the transformer to no avail. Made sure all the dip switches were in the off position. However, the presence of dip switches (for use with a K-Line remote control) says there's a circuit board in use and the 2002 build date makes me wonder if that circuit board has passed its expiration date. I realize there are several other components that could have failed, but that's my arm chair diagnosis. Any other thoughts on what ails that car? What it would it take to repair it? And would it even be worth it?

(For those of you who enjoy irony (or karma depending on your POV), I've been trying to find the K-Line dump bin (that was wide enough to catch the long candy canes that came with this dump car) for years. Finally stumbled on one that was new/sealed in the original packaging at my LHS last summer. Tore it open today, had it ready for that first load of candy canes and, well…)

Thanks for any advice and input!


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