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If you want a great quality switch buy the Ross switch in 072! Sure it may cost more for the initial purchase but you will have the least problems with any Ross switch unless you get the wrong size switch.

I have 5 Ross Custom switches now; 4 042 and one 031 and only wish I had found them sooner! Ross Custom switches have all metal rails and will permit anything that runs on a certain size track(like 042, all 042 size equipment will go through the Ross switch) to go through their switch.

Lee Fritz

Here's what I used for my passing sidings: Very smooth operating and space saving too:

From the Ross website:

Traditional Tinplate Switches from RCS


NEW!  ROSS CUSTOM SWITCHES Introduces the Ultimate Line of  Tinplate Switches! Made in USA Craftsmanship Comes to Tinplate Operation!

Norwich, Ct. 04/14/2010…..Ross Custom Switches announces the addition of an entirely new line of switches. We have put our 40 years of switch building knowledge and experience into a traditional line of turnouts. That’s right! RCS is producing a line of tinplate type switches compatible with “O” gauge tubular track, and unlike any other tinplate switch, they are MADE IN AMERICA! Here are some of the benefits;

1.   They are the same height as Lionel and K-Line O gauge track and use the same track pins.

2.   They are built to the exacting tolerances and quality that have made RCS Hi-Rail switches famous.

3.   They are remote control using Z-Stuff for Trains DZ1000 and/or DZ2500 switch machines

4.   They are super smooth. Center pickup rollers will not fall into any gaps

Here is how it works. Our first offering is a never before made in Tinplate O gauge #4 yard switch and transition track. (072'S AVAILABLE NOW AS WELL!)This turnout is made for both main line and yard operation and here is the real beauty of this switch; when you use them in the yard in a ladder arrangement or for a passing siding the tracks automatically come out on a  3.5” center rail to center rail spacing. If you have tried to build a yard previously, you know that when using 072 switches your tracks come out on approximately. 6.5” centers. That means you can get almost DOUBLE the amount of tracks in your yard! Finally you have a place to store all those cars without having to take them off the track! While the curved portion of the turnout uses an 072 curve, this turnout is built like a real railroad switch in that all three tracks on the ends of the switch come out straight, not on a curve like an  072 switch does. This means the end of those nasty S curves that you get when you plug a piece of 072 track into the curved end of an 072 switch and come back to parallel with the straight part. This is where our transition track comes in. It is used on the end of the switch to get your siding back to parallel on the same 3.5” spacing that the switches make when stacked in a ladder configuration. Its ends are also straight making it ambidextrous and the curve in the middle of it is an 096 so it is even more gradual than the switch!  When these switches are used as a crossover, as you would use between two main lines, they come out on a 4” center rail spacing.


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