I have the following freight cars for sale.

  • Red Caboose Northern Pacific Wooden Ice Refrigerator Cars, car numbers 90078, 90336, and 90376.  $35.00 each shipped.  Brand new except for Kadee installation, never run.

.Red Caboose Reefer BoxesRed Caboose Reefer

  • Atlas Northern Pacific Double Door Box Cars.  Four car numbers  Brand New except for Kadee installation.  $49.00 each shipped.  All four cars for $185.00 shipped, and will be shipped in the original Atlas shipping box.  

Atlas NP Double Door Box Car

Four Atlas NP box car labels

  • MTH Norfolk and Western Outside Braced Box Car with Kadees installed.  $40.00 shipped.

N and W Box LabelMTH Norfolk Western Box

  • MTH B&O Outside Braced Box Car with Kadees installed.  $40.00 shipped.

MTH B&O Box LabelMTH B&O Box car

  • MTH Great Northern Single Sheathed Box Car with Kadee installed.  $40.00 shipped. 

GN Box Car LabelMTH GN Box Car

  • Spokane Portland and Seattle (SP&S) single sheathed Box Car with Kadee installed.  $44.00 shipped.

SP&S Box car labelSP&S Box Car

  • Red Caboose Northern Pacific Flat Car.  THIS IS A TWO RAIL CAR.  Equipped with two rail wheels, Kadee couplers in the box.  $30.00 shipped. 

Red Caboose flat car boxRed Caboose O scale flat car

Please contact me at my e-mail address shown in my profile.





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