Rather than have one permanent layout, I have what I refer to as three season layout.  I have a 5.5’ x 12’ table in my basement.  The table is designed to come apart in four sections and is portable.  Originally I would set it up with my Christmas layout on it in our living room.  After we moved three years ago, I set it up as my permenant train table in the basement.   For a basement, it’s pretty nice being clean and dry (just a bit messy and used primarily for storage). 

The three seasons on my layout are as follows:

  • Labor day to Thanksgiving: Halloween season
  • Thanksgiving to end of January: Christmas season
  • February to Labor Day: plain train season (so named by my six year old son)

At the beginning of each season, my son and I take down the buildings and decorations for the previous season and put up the new season.  It’s something that we both enjoy and makes for great father/son time. I have three older daughters who I tried to get interested in trains, but only my son has caught the train bug like me.  

The past couple of weekends we have really gotten deep into plain train season.  Normally this has been the weakest season, with minimal setup. Usually this time of year we are very busy with multiple activities, but since we are homebound we are making more progress.  It’s been great getting trains and accessories out of boxes they have been for far too long. 

I hope you enjoy these videos and photos and I’m curious if anyone else does something similar?


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