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OK everyone, it's time to announce my informal York breakfast again. Like I said, nothing formal, just a chance to get together and visit before the official meet opening. 

THE DATE>>>>>> Thursday, OCTOBER 22nd.

THE VENUE>>>>> the Round-the-Clock Diner which is at the intersection of I-83 and Rte 30.

Please let me know who might be coming so I can get an idea of table(s) size. 


I will be there between 8:15-8:30 to reserve a spot.


For those of you who are looking for something to do prior to the opening, this is a great time for socializing. 1st time at York; don't know anyone; haven't been in awhile; traveling alone.......don't be bashful......we're all inclusive. Come put a face to a name.....It has been great fun in the past.


We finish up around 10:00-10:30 and head to the Fairgrounds where another big group congregates in the Orange Hall lobby.





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OK so far:


Peter (me!)

Tom (Gilly@N&W)

LionelBill (2)

Eddie from Maine (2)

Terry Hudson

Don Klose

Gerry Morlitz


Captain John

Chris Lonero (maybe 2)

John Pignatelli (2)

Marty (2)

LewRail (maybe 2)

DaveC (2)

FarmerBill (maybe)

Alan (maybe)


In the Fall the Round-the-Clock diner makes great pumpkin pancakes......


No Scrapple for me.....I taste tested it in Oct 2009 at the very same venue and here are my witnesses...








I still have not decided if I will wear my bowtie......maybe, just on Thursday!  






....really looking forward to seeing everyone!




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