Dominic Mazoch posted:

CP and TP used 2-10-4's on passenger trains

That's really awesome... I can only imagine how cool it must have been to be in a passenger train pulled by a massive 2-10-4...

Sunset did an AMAZING job on the T&P 2-10-4s and CP Selkirks...  You just can't beat a 3rd Rail 2-10-4... By far, the BEST.

prrhorseshoecurve posted:

And I want a PRr steamer... which Sunset Model seems to shy away from since the PRR L1.

Awesome! 1 more for the ATSF 5001 class! That's about 10 reservations for this engine we got so far. 

I love PRR Steam PRRhorseshoecurve....I have the Sunset PRR Q2 4-4-6-4, and REALLY love that engine... SUPERB job by Sunset...

Also, Scott wrote me back , and he said he is :"Thinking" about this project, so this is great news indeed!




Scott has seen this thread, and he cares about what we as a community want to buy, and he is considering this project.  I love 3rd Rail...  We asked 3rd Rail to do the ATSF 2900 class, and they listened... that's why this project would be phenomenal... not to mention, this engine has NEVER been done before... 

 Precision Scale Co was going to do this project, but as many of you know, NOBODY ever took them seriously, and so many of their projects ALWAYS failed...  Sunset would do a much better job anyways... At that time, I remember that was when we lobbied Scott to do the 2900 class Northern, and as you will remember, he did it for us...

Scott and the folks at 3rd Rail ROCK!

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